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Last Day of Winter

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The venerable overnighter has been modernised a few times in the last years: Two, three years ago they were called 24 adventures by Ryan, about two years ago Alastair started to call them Microadventures, and Aaron called them S24O (Sub-24 hour Overnighter) somewhere in between. I went on one of these S24O-Microadventure-Overnighters on one of the last cold days in April.


The Art of Outdoor Blogging: Wordpress & Blogspot Alternatives

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I’ve never been a big fan of Wordpress, and after recent developments at Google I also would be worried of their treatment of the Blogspot platform. Personally I find WordPress bloated, not easy to work with and I dislike the online editor with a passion. And with Google shutting down services or integrating them with Google+ the future of Blogspot looks uncertain, too. Time to look at alternatives which give you full control of your content, all the time.