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The Week in Review XI

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Sorry if you got an unintended RSS update last week, human error on my part made me forget to add a Published: False to the article in question. Other than that I have been having a good week, with some autumn trip planning, editing photos and videos, and preparing some swell awesomeness for the readers.

Flowers, bee and mountains

Interview: Scott Felter of Porcelain Rocket

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Bikepacking is the trend in the UL scene of 2012 (and it will carry over into 2013 as more and more will start to explore the forests and hills with their bike) and hence it is my pleasure to interview one of the most exciting bikepacking cottage manufacturers, Scott Felter of Porcelain Rocket. Scott makes superb bikepacking frame & seat packs and in this interview he tells us how Porcelain Rocket came to be, where that name comes from, and what the future holds. Enjoy!

Scott AZT

The Week in Review X

I’m back from the Ultralight Summit, and what an event it was. Great people, awesome country and scenery, lots of different UL gear, high camps, gear talk, and lots of laughter. Now planning for the Ultralight Summit 2013 starts!

Time for a ridge walk