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DMM Alpha Light Quickdraw Review

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There comes a point in a climbers life where she or he no longer wants to loan a friends quick-draws. What kind of ‘draws they want often depends on their preferred style of climbing: Do they like to sports climb, climb indoors at the gym, go to the mountains or even climb ice in winter? I settled for the DMM Alpha Light QuickDraw - why you will find out in my review.

What a great route

Petzl Sirocco 2.0

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The Bad News: The best helmet for climbing & mountaineering got heavier (but only 5 g). The good News: The Sirocco 2.0 is more protective, has a slimmer profile and is still the best helmet on the market.

The Petzl Sirocco 2.0

Dressed for Autumn & Spring With Reima

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“We’re not gonna dress her up in pink clothes” was what my wife and me agreed on when our daughter was born about two years ago. And for one and half years we re-used her big brothers clothes through all seasons. But then came spring and it became clear that we won’t be able to hold on to that idea - because our daughter loves pink and she didn’t fit the clothes we had. And so a pair of pink shoes, a pink beanie and a pink overall arrived from Reima, and we haven’t looked back since.

Walking in the forest