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ULA Ohm Ordered

Inspired by James from
backpackingbongos and the need to get a lighter backpack, I ordered last Friday an ULA Ohm. I was looking already for a while for a new backpack, and in nearer consideration, besides the Ohm, were the Osprey Exos 46 and 58, the Gossamer Gear Mariposa and the Blast 32 from ZPacks.

While the Blast 32 would have been the lightest Option, weighing only 260 g with all the extras, I didn't want to wait till December - Joe, the owner of ZPacks, is out hiking and so the Shop is closed. I like the looks and functionality of the Mariposa, but somehow I didn't click with it. I tried on both Exos models, and found them comfortable, but they're heavy, expensive and mainstream.

So I decided for the
Ohm. Simple, functional, great looking, and made by a cottage manufacturer in the USA, offered for a unbeatable price of $130. With a base weight of 595 g it was also the lightest pack (after the Blast), and after careful study of the threads on backpackinglight.com I decided on a Size L with a Medium hipbelt. The order was placed last Friday, and lo and behold, the backpack was shipped that same Friday! That's what I call customer service. So now I spent the days waiting, and hope that my new backpack will arrive as quick as James' so that I can take it out for a hike next weekend! Hopefully also my new tent will be here by then...