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Writing for the Newspaper

As some might know, I have been writing a few articles for the Helsinki Times newspaper, the first English newspaper in Finland. Here the links to the two articles.

Backpacking in Pirkanmaa is a feature article I wrote for the October 1st Travel Edition of the Helsinki Times. All photos (there are more in the print version) are from me as well. Really liked how this came out, my Mom got a copy sent to Germany and was very impressed =) I also was able to communicate my lightweight backpacking principles, which is the icing on the cake!

The Walking in Finnish Forests was an article for the Expat View column, where foreigners living in Finland give their view on a topic. Previous versions entailed how terrible it is to life for six months in darkness and that Finns aren't very talkative, so I decided to show that also other experiences can be had - Finns on the trail are usually up for a short chat and are very friendly.

I really liked this opportunity to write for a real print newspaper, its a bit different than writing for the blog as you get a physical copy. Also dealing with an Editor was interesting, they have exact ideas what they want to "serve" their readers. Choosing photos was hard, but fun. All in all a very rewarding experience, and if you ever would have the chance to write for a newspaper, I would say "Go for it!"

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