Hiking in Finland

Climbing, bikepacking, skiing & packrafting in the north

Day Trippin'

Next week I will be going on the Finnfacts.fi Cleantech Bloggers Tour and besides visiting some of the leading Finnish Cleantech companies there is an excursion to the nearby Nuuksio National Park. Reason enough for me to think what to take clothing-wise for the day out in order to stay warm and dry and divulge my knowledge on this area =)

As a baselayer I recommend something warm and soft which doesn't smell. Synthetic baselayers always promise to not get smelly, but in my experience that doesn't hold true. Merino wool on the other hand has all the benefits of being warm, light and not smelly, even after days out. I'll take my Woolpower long johns and longsleeve, and if someone still needs a set then Retkiaitta in downtown Helsinki is the place to go. Of course merino underwear from Smartwool and Icebreaker is just as good, and those can be had in Partioaitta which is just opposite of the other store.

I reckon if it is going to be anywhere as rainy as it has been these last few days here in Southern Finland, some good rain gear is essential. I'll trust on my Rab Momentum Jacket and the Drillium Pants, and in case the sun is out they pack small and will disappear in the pack. Rain gear over a baselayer will usually be enough clothing, as walking will keep one warm, and when there's a break one can put more clothes on. This ensures that one doesn't overheat, but of course also depends on the person.

Currently the temperatures in Helsinki are around 7°C, but with some wind and outside of the city it could get colder. I'll take my new synthetic insulation pants and jacket from Integral Designs with me for when we sit down, those can stand some light rain and remain some of their warmth when wet, unlike down which collapses.

Finally, for Footwear I'll take my new Inov-8 Roclite 295's with me, some nice warm merino socks and in case of rain also my GoreTex socks to keep my feet dry. We're going to be walking on marked trails, so no need for heavy boots, trailrunners will be just fine and will offer good grip on the wet surface.

Then just the camera and I'm set for a nice day out in nature, which will be wrapped up with sauna and swimming!