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Gear Talk: Rab Momentum Jacket & Drillium Pants

I have been wearing my Rab Momentum Jacket and Drillium Pants since quite a while now, time enough to pass some initial judgement about these two eVent rain garments.

The hood on the Momentum turns with your head without being in the way. Also note the long zips on the Drillium Pants.

The important bits: Momentum Jacket, Size S, weighs 328 g. It is made of a lightweight 3 layer eVent® fabric, has two chest pockets - big enough for maps - and a helmet compatible hood. The hood is excellent, Rab did a great job in its design, turning your head is no problem as the hood follows your movements. The wired peak keeps snow, slush and rain out of your face, and the zipper goes high, so your whole face is protected from the wind, rain and snow.

Long arms and a single exit hem drawcord, which is easy to operate with one hand.

The arms on the Momentum are long and have velcro cuffs. The long arms are very smart, as they enable you to just pull down the sleeves over your hands and also these will then stay dry. No problems with water climbing up the sleeves either. The zipper might feel like it goes a bit difficult for some, I have no problems with it. Finally, the back is a bit longer and keeps your buttocks protected.

The Drillium is a no frills rain pants made of the same lightweight eVent® 3 layer fabric as the Momentum, and weighs in at 215 g in Size S. The top has a drawcord, the legs have each an about knee high water resistant zip with storm flap behind it, and a drawcord at the end to zip it close.

Articulated knees in action =)

I wore the combo in sunshine, wind, rain, slush, snow, from temperatures ranging between 20°C till -9°C and stayed well ventilated and dry all the time. I know, there's people going around saying eVent wouldn't be any better as GoreTex, that it is clever marketing and what not, so I can only tell you my own experiences. I have owned a few Haglöfs GoreTex jackets, and they always were a disappointment, I was sweating on the inside and got wet, and the GoreTex let after sustained rain the water through, getting double wet. I don't think much about Softshells, of which I also have owned a few, they're for me just not up to the task. I prefer to layer my clothing as needed, and these two eVent garments were really excellent. I also wasn't gingerly to them, and I went bushwacking and climbing with them, and till now they show no wear and tear.

My conclusion is that this is an excellent lightweight and durable rain combo. The make is top notch, and you wouldn't expect anything else from Rab. They pack very small - small enough for me to even take them in my shoulder bag to work when I expect rain - and they're quickly deployed when needed. In the temperatures we have now its often for me enough to wear only a baselayer and these two garments over them, and stay warm while being out of the wind and snow. Personally I feel that eVent is ways ahead of GoreTex in regards to ventilation and waterproofness. My girlfriend also approves, as you can wash eVent normally - and they even recommend that you wash it often!

I had a chat with Ultralight Outdoor Gear and while they currently don't have the Momentum in stock, they're happy to order the jacket for you. They have the Drillium, which retails for £80. Of course you also could just check from the Rab website for a Stockist near you!

Happy eVent rain wear owner!