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Video: BushBuddy Ultra in the Snow

And the final test of a wood burning stove in winter conditions, this time the BushBuddy Ultra - my first wood burning stove - enters the fray. Conditions were similar to the previous tests, the temperatures were -12°C and it was snowing and windy.

My BushBuddy Ultra weights 134 g, and the TT 1100 pot it can be nestled in is 141 g including the lid, plus the orange packsack which is 18 g, all together a mere 293 g. However, in comparison to the Ti-Tri Inferno and the Bushcooker LT II the BushBuddy only can burn wood, whereas the other two can burn alcohol and Esbit. With my 6 g MYOG Top Burner stove I have a good back-up, though, and the Ti-Tri Gram Cracker should also work just fine with it.

What I like is that it fits into the pot, is small in size and thus doesn't use a lot of space. The Inferno is great, though I really dislike needing to carry the caddy. Good thing that a smaller Inferno is available nowadays, one which fits into the pot, as Roger showed. Anyhow. That should be it with testing wood burning stoves in the snow for a while, maybe that I revisit the Bushcooker LT II and use proper dry wood for a test, but that won't be too soon as I don't have it with me here in Vaasa. I hope you found this interesting and educating, and that it shows that given good fuel using a wood burning stove can be a real alternative for melting and boiling snow/ water in the winter.