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Video: Trail Designs Ti-Tri Inferno in the Snow

My second video of the Trail Designs Ti-Tri Inferno wood burning stove, this time in winter conditions. Temperature outside was -12°C and it was windy, however, I was able to use dry wood from the shed, which made all the difference in comparison to the Bushcooker LT II where I used wood from the forest, which was moist and icy. The dry wood and good kindling made all the difference, and the Inferno once more lived up to its name.

Trail weight of the Inferno is 232 g and that includes the Caldera Cone, Inferno insert, Fireplate, Titanium stakes and the caddy - however, this does depend on which pot you use, and as I have a big pot the weight is a bit heavier than if you have a smaller pot. Its more heavy as the Bushcooker LT II, and also is a lot more hungry, i. e. it needs a lot of wood. However, I reckon that once you have it going the wood can be icy or moist and the Inferno will still work fine, as it has a lot of power. The time of boiling a cup of snow (that's a Tibetan Titanium 1100 pot, in case you're wondering, and weights 141 g including the lid) is really fantastic, as you can hear in the video, I'm rather excited about it! That leaves the BushBuddy Ultra for a winter test, and I guess Sunday or Monday could see it coming =)