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Video: Bushcooker LT II in Winter Conditions

My second video and again a wood burner stove. You could call me addicted =) Riheda Outdoor is the Finnish distributor for the Four Dog Bushcooker LT wood burner stoves (among other wood burner stoves, check out their website if you're into burning wood!), and I meet with the owner back in November and he loaned me an Bushcooker LT I and LT II for testing purposes, including the appropriate Snow Peak pots.

Last weekend the LT II had its first trail test, and it performed very well. The fact that we were at a lean-to also meant plenty of pretty much dry wood, from where it was easy to find small, dry pieces. That was in my test today not really the case, most of the wood was covered in a bit of ice or snow and it was difficult to secure a sufficient amount of dry wood. Anyhow, have a look and see how it went.

Weight for the Bushcooker LT II including the ground plate was 109 g, which is very lightweight. Together with the SnowPeak 900 cup and also the alcohol plate the weight was 278 g, considering that you have now the added options of burning alcohol and Esbit with it its an excellent trail weight.

As you saw in the video, burning wood in the winter to secure water for drinking and making food ain't a very easy task. You need to be able to secure sufficient dry wood and have good kindling in addition to your firestarter. I'm sure it is possible to do this, but it is more difficult than just putting your gas stove on while you're lying in your sleeping bag in your tent. I'll try Esbit and Alcohol for melting water and boiling it, as well as giving the Inferno and the BushBuddy Ultra a run in the same conditions, to see if they fare better. I'm sure they won't reach the convenience of a gas or multifuel stove, but therefore you do not need to carry that fuel with you.

So my temporary conclusion would be: If you plan to use the Bushcooker LT II in the winter, know how to make fire and secure plenty of wood, and carry some alcohol or Esbit as a back-up. I like the low weight and packability of the LT II, and think that in the summer the LT II will be a great companion for my trips.