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Video: Bushcooker LT II in the Snow, Take 2

After my last video of the Bushcooker LT II, just before the turn of the year, I received a phone call from the USA. I picked up and was surprised to have Don Kevilus from Four Dog Stoves on the phone. He said he saw my video of the Bushcooker, thanked me for the honest review, and then told me a few interesting information about the Bushcooker. Click play and have a look.

As said in the video, I didn't even think of combining one fuel type with the other. It shows how limited one's (my) thinking can be sometimes, it seems rather obvious and smart. I now dried some wood close to my body, in a small stuff sack, to get it more dry and start the fire. Together with the Esbit tablet this was easy as pie and I am very happy with the result.

I'll now work more on my fire making skills, and a comparison post of my three wood burning stoves will follow in the future. Regarding skills, it shows that the knowledge you have is more worth than the best equipment, and so I am happy that I have some books sitting on my desk which will give me that knowledge. Then I just need to go out and practice, because without practice the best knowledge doesn't help. Gear does only bring you this far, and while UL has a lot to do with lighter gear it seems that sometimes we forget about the skills that should come by going lighter.

If you'd like to get a Bushcooker stove, check out Riheda Outdoor if you live in Scandinavia or Four Dog Stove for the rest of the world.