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Video: Optimus Crux Lite in Winter Conditions + Passaround

Yeps, time's up and the five people who get to test the Optimus Crux Lite Solo Cook Kit are:

- Joe
- Daimos
- Tomas
- Nibe
- Psycho

All five of you, please contact me via email (its on the right under in the Copyright Notice) and give me your full name and address. I'll make the package ready this week and send it to the first person in line.

I wasn't lazy either, and had the set out last week on a nice afternoon walk, where I shot this video of it. I had a cup of tea and a Travellunch meal, but back home I realized that I had lost my long handled spoon, bugger. So its back to the LMF Spork for a while, till I get a new long handled spoon. Anyway, in the video you'll see my first ever attempt at using a gas stove, and you can observe if I make a fool of myself or not while playing with it.

I also had it out during the trip to Siikaneva where I made my Ramen in it, convenient and fast, though the pot really is small when you're used to a 1,1 l pot. The gas stove did work just fine at -10°C on Sunday afternoon, even without warming the gas canister up before, so I believe that gas is a viable solution also for winter use, the melting of snow and boiling water + simmering of the food definitely was fast and handy. It leaves also out the smoke taste in the water, but I am so used to it that I almost missed it ;) More testing under different conditions is now in the hands of the capable five above!