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First Look: MSR Reactor + Passaround

Time is up and the testers for the MSR Reactor Passaround have been selected:

- Lightening up
- Litekayaker
- Toby
- Thomas
- Richard

A big thank you to all who participated, though only five can take part in this passaround - but do not despair, another passaround is just around the corner, so stay tuned for that! The five lucky ones, please contact me via email (its on the right under in the Copyright Notice) and give me your full name and address. I'll take the Reactor up north for a trip next week, and send it to the first in line the week after.

Last weekend I used the nice weather to go out and make a HD video of the Reactor in action, and see if it stays true to its promise of boiling a liter of water in less than three minutes - click play to see:

Great results for an initial test, though we'll see what the testers will put it through and if it then still looks so good! To see how much gas has been used for boiling this one liter of water, I put the canister on the weight scale back at home, and it told me that its now 346 g heavy - that means 18 g of gas have been used. I'm no expert on gas stoves, but that does sound rather good to me. I will be chasing the winter and leave on Friday for a week to the north of Finland, together with my fiancée and her family, for a week of relaxing in a cottage and enjoying the last bit of winter - even proper minus degrees have been forecasted, so I will give the Reactor a test run there before it goes on its journey.