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The Week in Review

After a week in the forest, learning how to make fires, orienteering through the forest and doing some fishing as well as the obligatory sauna, I found over 400 RSS items in my reader. Here's what I thought was most interesting.

Die Beuteltiere are back from their Alp crossing á la Hannibal, and the first part of their trip report is online. A must read for everyone who wants to go hiking the Alps!

Marks trip report from the Badlands has spectacular scenery to show.

Bob from Backpacking Technology went on a scout trip in the Titcomb Basin in Wind River Range, Wyoming.

Christian from 1001miles wrote a good trip report from his hike in the Dovrefjell, Norway.

Also from Norway, Astrid shares some photos from her hike in the Hardangervidda.

Maria went on a Sunday walk in Viikki, close to Helsinki.

Patrick's trip to the Shining Rock Wilderness shows that all(most all) hikers are laid back people, relaxed and flexible.

Sharkey walked the The Greenburn Horseshoe before the football season starts.

PTC didn't turn right on his last trip.

Vladimir shares some beautiful photos from Nokogiriyama, Mount Nokogiri in Japan.

Mikko took beautiful photos on his last trip to northern Finland, go check them out!

Rio takes a look at his new StickPic.

Markus compares the GoLite Shangri La 1 and Shangri La 2 and ponders which one to take on his trip to Norway.

Martin from Summit and Valley reviews the Pacific Outdoor Ether Elite Regular.

UL goes Mainstream as Osprey comes out with the Hornet Series Ultra-Light Backpacks. They're of course not UL but only lightweight, but a good move nevertheless.

PTC has another episode of his Gear Diary-ette up.

Andy Howell goes completely geeky as he dives into the topic of lightweight stuff sacks.

James is pondering on the meaning of Solitude and establishing the Misanthropic Backpackers Association.

Laufbursche shares his packing list of his trip on which he is at the moment.

The Jolly Green Giant shares his thoughts on emergency kits and cordage with us.

Dave the Ultralighter defines a dehydrator.

Roman is watching movies while his wife and kid are away.

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