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The Ultimate MYOG Project

Goof-off Tuesday has become Goof-off Wednesday. Embrace the change, let work be work and idle away while thinking about the next Make Your Own Gear project you'd like to tackle.

Me sewing my tarp.

My next MYOG Project is going to be a anorak and a pants for winter. Yeah, I got some nice hardshells and pants, but for the winter I want something that breaths very well while keeping wind and snow at bay. And after reading "The Snowwalkers Companion" I made the decision to try natural materials for a change.

Inspiration is the first step, and this inspiration comes from Barleybreeder, Jonas from Nature-base.de and the guys from Empire Canvas Works. I saw Jonas' very nice EtaProof jacket as he was here in February, and after reading about the benefits of this natural material I decided that I will give EtaProof a try. I know, I know, you will be thinking "Cotton Kills" and I have this in mind as well. But I will be skiing in -20°C and it is going to be dry up in Lapland, so I am not too concerned about wetness. Keeping the wind out is priority number one, while having space to wear a lofty jacket underneath it and being light, highly breathable and comfy.

So I will be using this pattern, EtaProof in the 170g/ qm weight and some other bits and pieces. Ordering at Extremtextil is friendly and fast, and once the goods are here you will be kept up-to-date about how the sewing is coming along =)

So what are you waiting for? What is your next MYOG project? A simple meth stove, a backpack, a jacket, tarp? Let us know, and goof-off!