Hiking in Finland

Climbing, bikepacking, skiing & packrafting in the north

The Week in Review

What a week. Super hot and humid. Amazing support for Ultralight A-Z. Great trip reports. Some fine gear reviews.

The winner of the Psyche II Raffle is Commentor number seven, Daniel! Congratulations! Get in touch so you can get the DVD!

Dave's down-to-earth-honest, philosophical and just plain awesome writing resulted in what is likely the best trip report thus far this year. His 2011 Alaska WIlderness Classic report. Read it now or save it to Instapaper.

Thomas writes up week one of his Jotunheimstien hike. Featuring sheep, bogs, Joe, Leif, hammocks, UL ground dweller shelters and Wilderness TV, Channel 1.

Fraser's Loch A’an – High Winds and Tent Failure also ranks high up there of what you should read.

Roger continues his write-up of his Nordkalottleden hike. Join him from Vajsaluokta to Gautelishytta: along the Norwegian border, the third great report.

And to fill out the majestic five, Steven wrote up his The Mamores report which he did with Colin and Phil. Pointy bits in splendid weather, UL style - yeah, read it!

Maria has some ace photos from her Tuohilampi and Salmi day walks with the children up, tasty & beautiful.

Tomas was a little dictator when it came to fire-lighting on his climbing trip at Ågelsjön.

More climbing trip reports come from Toby with Bohuslän climbing.

I asked about your hiking and everyday essentials and still am hoping to see and hear a bit more - c'mon, don't be shy ;)

Dylan's "The junk I schlep into the woods" post has some ace photos about food and the little bits and pieces which often get overlooked.

Fils made a combined a 1 PyraNet InnerNest with his SuperMid. To kepe the bugs out and the wife happy.

Terry told us in a Guest Article about Filming The Great Outdoors And Me, a recommended read for all of you who want to bring home stunning moving pictures from your trips.

Rob is back from Philmont. There were rattlesnakes. And overloaded Mariposa Plus.

Brian tweaks the handles of his SnowPeak 600 cup. Sweet - now where do I get that stuff in Finland?

Martin asks "Is the TrailStar the best lightweight shelter ever?".

Amy always has the latest gear scoops, so sit tight: Montane enters the backpack market.

Tim and Robin wanna know your dream hik in the August Outdoor Blog Carnival.

Jack shows off his affordable Ultralight Bicycle Fly Fishing Rig.

Geoff wrote up his two day Eastern Arenig circuit walk.

Chad slimmed down his cooking setup, and now only carries 2.2 oz!

Tookie walked the The River Ayr Way.

Errin went on a LA River bed ride, which combined a nature and urban setting. Fun!

Jack knows some useful Buspacking Olympic National Park Basics.

Brawny made an UL Silnylon Rain Jacket-Prototype.

Read the final installment of the Death Hollow trip report.

Janek earned this.

Phil uses spreadsheets and asks if the Jetboil Sol Ti is an UL solution?

Mark celebrates A Year in Outdoor Blogging Land. Congratulations!

Josh. Mount McKinley: A Summit Unbagged.

Jill. My night on the PCT.

10 days sea kayaking trip in southern part of Archipelago National Park, Finland.

Ryan: Long Trail Side-To-Side Part 6: The Great North.

James. Making the most of the sunshine.

Lauren. Nemo Zor ‘Hyperlight’ Mat Review.

Karl. I Came Back! Mount Washington for Seek the Peak!

One Hiker's Trash Can Yield a Treasure for All. Includes a raffle!

Doom. Yakutat to Gustavis Part 2.