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The Week in Review

Sweet Sunday and a good start into the new week, amigos!

Simon has a fine a MYOG Cuben Fibre Drybag for the DIY folks out here.

Sebastian made a MYOG Windproof Inner for the Shangria-La 3.

Pig Monkey shows off his DIY Tubular Webbing Belts

Mike gives away a backpack.

Alastair joined up with Howies for the Microadventure Competition - join the fun and take a chance at winning some outdoor kit!

Matthias made it to Washington State on his PCT thruhike.

Hikin' Jim shows us the Hank Roberts Mini Stove, Mark III, a very nifty looking small gas stove with an innovative packaging solution.

Adam shares some gorgeous photos from Sheridan Glaciar with us.

Greg went to the Pyrenees. Consider me envious.

Bob and friends did the Castle Peak Loop in Idaho.

Vegan Hiking Shoes.

John almost thru-hiked the John Muir Trail. A very nice father-son trip report with beautiful photos, make sure to take your time to check this one out.

Markus and his friend almost traversed the Alps. Weather-wise there was everything - rain, wind, sun, snow so expect fine photos and an interesting twist!

Maria took her family to the Uutela nature trail.

Peter shows us that not all campers are equal.

The Jolly Green Giant shows us his Top 3 Lightweight Lighting Options.

Ken sings the POE Peak Elite AC Blues.

Jörgen shared part three of his Nahanni River adventure with us this week.

Mark was on a dayhike to Bidean nam Bian & Lost Valley of Glen Coe and documents it with some stunning photos.

Packrafting is big in Belgium.

Amy showcases the Kung Foon, which looks like a sweet UL eating tool.

Errin did a first look video on the Klymit Inertia X-Lite Sleeping Pad.

Sabine published Part III and Part IV of her Finland adventure. Exquisite.

Dave and his mate went to The Grey Corries. I'm a big fan of Dave's prose and photos, so make sure to check it out.

Cedar & Sand delivers my fix of Red Rocks in Utah.

Philipp was in Iceland. Cloudy, windy, sometimes rainy was the weather while he visited Laugavegur und Kjalvegur.

New Surly Fatbikes, tyres and other hogwash. WARNING: Clicking that link creates a big urge to get a Fatbike.

Jack went on a S24O: Smoky Mountain Stealth Camp. S24O = the bikepacking crowd's 24 trip =)

Tomas' post on Ultralight Quickdraws is a recommended read for the climbing folks here, as would be my Ultralight Climbing gear geekery post.

Dondo visited Salmon and Willow Lakes. Pretty they were.

I like these 5 Reasons to Love Day Hiking in the Rain. With autumn here, these should provide some good reasons to get out.

Nick went on a quick trip up the little Glyder. Fine photos and writing from a to me new blog.

Trekking-Lite-Store.com is conducting a short survey (auf Deutsch!) which might be of interest to the german readers here.

Those who fancy a new camera, take a look at the Panasonic Lumix GF2 versus Sony NEX-5 Field Report Face-off I wrote.

The Poll is closed, the results are in, and they look interesting. It seems the vast majority gets a lot of value out of TWIR. Nice. Two respondents don't get any value out of it, but still read it. That's cool, too.

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