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Snippet: Patagonia Wants You to Buy Less Gear

Tonight, Patagonia and eBay announced a new partnership, the Common Threads Initiative. Together, they asked owners of fleece and Gore-Tex everywhere to pledge to reduce consumption, reuse old gear, recycle, repair what's broken, and reimagine a world where people don't stress the earth with purchases.  - Source

If you know me a bit, then you know that I value sustainability. You also might be aware that I value a few outdoor companies who do so as well. So as I read this news, and checked out the Patagonia Common Threads Initiative page I didn't think long to make the pledge. And with the pretty good selection of used Patagonia gear up for grabs I also am tempted to make a purchase or two (am still looking for a comfy climbing pants). If you need a new baselayer, a puffy jacket or a shell, check out the selection and buy it there instead of getting it new. Your children, grandchildren and nature will thank you.

I, personally, applaud Patagonia for making this step - it is the ultimate commitment for a better future, against the bottom line. Respect.