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Advent Calendar - Door 19

Dear Santa,

I have cold ears. And my partner has cold feet. We both feel that sustainable and ethical principles in the making of garments are important, and hence found that the Swedish company Röjk would be the best to support - garments made in Sweden, with the happiness of employees & customers and the environment in mind, before the bottom line. But that ain't all, nope - great materials, functional designs and beautiful colours make for example their Primaloft Ski Mid-weight socks and their Reverse Beanie the right socks and beanie to fix my partner and my cold problems! We'd appreciate if you'd think of us when you're in Sweden the next time and drop something warm into our stockings =)


- An aspiring UL-Backpacker

Post a photo of you and your partner out hiking. Both are Unisex, btw.


Excuse the delay in announcing the winner - I was abroad and out of town till yesterday night.

And the winner is... Allison - Congratulations! Please contact me via Email, you got till tomorrow 15 o'clock to get in touch otherwise it goes to the second in line! Thanks everyone else, see you tomorrow at 6 AM!

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