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Advent Calendar - Door 23

Dear Santa,

I think I'm almost set for this year's holiday gift-giving marathon. However, looking over my wishlist, I found that it was lacking in form of an aesthetic cup to drink from when outdoors (or re-enacting this outdoor drinking feeling when indoors at the office). Then my attention was brought to Kupilka who make the wonderful Kupilka 21 kuksa. Being part wood, part plastic they are easy to clean, light, and just what I was looking for design-wise in an aesthetic cup! If you still have place in that big sack of yours (I hope it has an extension collar!) then I would love to find one under tree this year.


- An aspiring UL-Backpacker

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I'm amazed amigos y amigas! Seems trip reports, TWIR, the Wilderness Guide education and the interview with Fitz Handel reign supreme. Thanks everyone =)

And the winner is... cabell - Congratulations! Please contact me via Email! Thanks everyone else, see you tomorrow at 6 AM with a bunch of very special stocking presents!

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