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Advent Calendar - Door 24

Dear Santa,

today is your big day, and I am not sure if this reaches you in time. I hope Rudolph is ready for the trip around the world, and that you'll bring plenty of lightweight presents to a lot of good people, for example the awesome readers of Hiking in Finland and Nordic Lightpacking.

Anyway, I was re-considering my wishes, and think I have decided on what I'd really would like to get this holiday season. A Terra Rosa Gear Wandering Tarp would allow me to experience the beauty of tarping. A mere 220 gram and made of tyvek, it has plenty of tie-out points and allows for various pitching options. Made in beautiful Sydney, Australia, I'm sure it will bring sunshine to my trips!

The OookWorks Multi-Shelter OookTub looks like the perfect solution to keep my sleeping place and gear dry in case the Australian sunshine doesn't succeed in coming through. A sweet 135 gram light including the limited edition festive OookWorks label, and a really smart strut system to have the sidewalls rise this is the perfect bathtub to go with the tarp. 220 cm long and 75 cm wide it even fits long folks.

To carry my tarp and OookTub and Wandering Tarp I believe the Sea to Summit Ultra Sil Daypack from Watzmann-Laden would be just the right tool for my shiny new UL gear. At 68 gram and 20 liters volume it is the right pack to keep with the UL idea, and should offer plenty of space for an overnighter with my new gear!

The final piece to UL bliss would be a LITEMOUNTAINGEAR Cuben Stuff Sack in Large. 7 gram for this 3 liter volume stuff sack would allow me to keep my down vest dry, or carry my UL kitchen.

All of it together weighs less than half a kilo (430 gram to be exact!) which gets me really excited! I'd love to find this sweet UL kit under my tree, and will make sure a hot cup of Minttu cacao is waiting for you, and a fresh supply of Reindeer Moss is waiting for Rudolph!


- An aspiring UL-Backpacker

Leave a comment with your most memorable outdoor experience and accompany it with a few photos. It would be great if it you slept at least one night outdoors (more are cool), though a memorable day trip will be fine as well. You got till midnight on the 27th of December, so you can spend time with your loved ones over the holidays.


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Excuse the delay. So many good stories and cool photos, thank you all! And the winner is... Korpijaakko! Please be in touch via Email to get your set of awesome swag!

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