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Advent Calendar - Door XXVI


Dear Santa,

I promise today will be the last day that I will trouble you with my lightweight gear needs - until next year, that is. Because I’d like to go more outdoors with my partner I think the possibility to surprise her with good food for Lunch & Dinner would make the experience even better. Just imagine how nice it would be to surprise her with a Pizza for lunch, a nice simmered fish for dinner and a muffin for dessert! This would all be possible with the FLAT CAT GEAR Bobcat Cooking System, which has it really all: A Titanium pot, windscreen, alocohol and Esbit stove, and a Baking Pan! With this setup I can boil water, simmer sauces and steam veggies, pan fry fish and dry bake muffins - a delicious meal which would make anyones outdoor adventure more enjoyable! I promise this is my last wish for this year, and I’d be delighted to find this cooking system in my backpack!

Feliz Navidad,
An aspiring UL Backpacker

Flat Cat Gear Flat Cat Gear Flat Cat Gear Flat Cat Gear Flat Cat Gear Flat Cat Gear

Need a superb cook system for cooking and dry baking? Anser the question and fill in the form for your chance to win this superb cooking system!
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The claimed weight of the FLAT CAT Standard Stove on the FLAT CAT GEAR website is 1.4 oz or 33 grams (32 grams is also claimed). Now 1.4 oz is = 39.7 grams, so anyone who answered 1,4 oz, 32 g, 33 g or 39/ 40 g has been thrown into the hat, and the winner is #79 Yrr J. - Congratulations! I’ll be in touch shortly via Email!