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The Week in Review LXVI

“The big problem with being solo is that you cannot divide fear. Doing a difficult ascent is a lot about your own fear, and if you are together with another person, or with two people, you can divide that fear, share it. But when you are alone, the fear is all on you, and it’s very difficult to learn to cope with it, to stay day by day, night by night, in that vast space where you should not be, running into bad weather, avalanches, storms. You have to learn to cope, you have to learn it slowly, and in small steps. If you allow it to happen slowly, you will have the time to take the many, many steps you need to get where you want. But if you don’t have the time, either you will disappear somewhere in the mountains in your young years, or you would give up climbing altogether.” - Reinhold Messner

Mont Blanc du Tacul


Beyond our Boundaries Episode 2 is online - follow the Tougas family as they get ready to hike the AT!

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Don’t know where to go backpacking this summer? Grab a copy of my Pirkan Taival Hiking Guide and come to Finland!

Do you like Bacon? Then Go Bacon!

If I like driving on sand? Hell yeah I do!

Trip Reports

Martin enjoys the Polarnight on the Kungsleden [German].

Rob is shuffling on brown rocks.

Krister enjoys a mixed up north and south face of Aiguille Midi.

Hiking on Sequoia National Park.

Aleksi shows his guests a superb time ice climbing and skiing in Pyhä.

Lael and Nick return to Resurrection Pass, Alaska.

Space, interior - David’s take on the Cairngorms in winter.

Rollomixed goes South Norway [Finnish].

Temlberg - ski-touring or ski-mountaineering? [German]

Cass enjoys Donuts in Patagonia.

Linus, Jimmy & Jason are in heaven.

Alan rides the Movie Road in Lone Pine, CA.

Angelica starts the spring hiking-season in the Siebengebirge [German].

Luca and Cedric drop back into the Alley.

Tasmania with Kids – Part 2: A Taste of the Tarkine at Corinna Wilderness Experience.

Toni celebrates the [short] return of winter.

Blazin' Backcountry Boiler

Gear Reviews

Velimir reviews the KS Ultralight Gear waistpocket.

Natural Running 101 [Japanese].

DD Hammocks Jungle Hammock Modular System Review.

Sam builds a FrankenRUCK.

Dennis gives you tips for an ultralight sleeping system [German].

Chad takes a first look at the Renovo Trio Water Filter.

Nina reviews the La Sportiva Ultra Raptor Women’s Trail-Running shoe [German].

Ruffwear Web Master Harness Review [German].

Brian helps you choosing shoes for your GORUCK Challenge.

The Minimulis take a look at the Midland XTC-400 [German].

An MYOG Caddy for Caldera Cone.