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Advent Calendar Door 21


Dear Santa,

Röjk knows something about functional designs, great colours and PrimaLoft Polyester yarns. Combine these yarns with Merino wool and you get a baselayer which has the best properties from the worlds of synthetic and natural materials. As I have a baselayer for each work day of the week I thought to ask you to bring one PrimaLoft SuperBase Sweater, a pair of PrimaLoft SuperBase LongLongs and a warm pair of PrimaLoft Skier Mid-Weight socks for my partner. Sharing outdoor times with a loved one make them a lot better and when the temperatures get cold, the Northern Lights dance through the sky and you’re standing shivering under the starry sky - that ain’t fun. But put a Röjk SuperBase baselayer and socks on and it’s the fantastic experince it should be. Thus, dear Santa, so I’m able to share these experiences with my partner, please bring her the PrimaLoft SuperBase Seater, PrimaLoft SuperBase LongLongs and Skier Socks so we can stand toegther in awe under the Northern Lights!

Sincerely yours,

The Ultralighter


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Disclaimer: Read The Tips & Rules. You can win one Röjk PrimaLoft SuperBase (Sweater and LongLongs OR ShortLongs) and a pair of PrimaLoft Skier socks in your colour and size for girls OR boys.

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