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Advent Calendar Door 7


Dear Santa,

I’ve been asking for presents for six days in a row now, and while I don’t intend to stop just yet I was thinking: How can get fellow ultralighters who don’t have such good connections with you get their ultralight gear? And then like a bulb I was enlightened: SparkMade. It’s a platform that helps Makers and Cottage Manufacturers sell their great products, with fair prices, peer reviews and predictable shipping - In-stock items mean they’re shipped in 7 days or less. Which means a Backcountry Boiler and a FlyGrill would still arrived well in time for Christmas! These two fine US Made products allow me to grill a trout over the fire and boil a cup of hot water in style, without that I would need to carry any fuel - a couple of hands full of twigs in enough! It’s ideal for ultralight backpackers and people with a passion for tenkara fishing! But not just hikers & backpackers will love SparkMade, also cyclists will love the products that are on offer there, and if there’s going to be a real winter this year a YangFang Cave Carver is super high on my list! So please let fellow hikers & cyclists know that SparkMade is worth a visit if they’re still looking for presents!

Sincerely yours,

The Ultralighter


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Disclaimer: Read The Rules. You can win one FlyGrill and one Backcountry Boiler.

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