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Mateusz, backpacker and manufacturer of the ultralight LAUFBURSCHE backpacks, lost a leg in his battle against cancer. With this fundraiser I want to help him pay his medical bills and hopefully get a prosthesis that allows him to go hiking again. [Updated with winner!]


Mateusz and I met the first time six years ago when he joined a group of ultralight backpackers who followed my invite for an Ultralight Winter trip. We hiked, laughed, camped in the snow, went to Sauna and jumped into the ice hole together, and have been in contact ever since. I was lucky enough to get one of the very first 40D black Silnylon huckePACKs, a design which was back then and still today is revolutionary. As an Architect Mateusz has a great eye for functional design, and his backpacks are considered far and wide works of art. My “Packing your framless backpack - LAUFBURSCHE huckePACK” video is probably my most-watched video on Youtube, and it is that backpack which I today will to raffle off in support of Mateusz.

As a fellow entrepreneuer I know that should sickness strike then shit hits the fan, and it’s sadly not different for Mateusz. Many other’s have written about his condition so I do not want to concentrate on it here, but instead send good vibes and support his way and a one-of-a-kind LAUFBURSCHE huckePACK your way. The pack is in great condition without any damage, is made of black 40d Silynlon with an XPAC floor, is Size L (which fits me at 175 cm very well) and weighs with all the straps attached 343 g. I guesstimate the volume at around 35 to 45 l, so it’s a great size for a week long trip in the mountains or woods.

So, how do you get a chance on winning this backpack AND help Mateusz?

  • One lottery ticket costs 5€, and you can buy as many as you’d like. More tickets obviously increase your chances to win this unique pack and help Mateusz more!
  • You Donate for each lottery ticket you’d like to buy 5€ to Mateusz via this website (you can donate via PayPal or bank transfer, please follow the simple instructions given over there for your donation)
  • You send an Email with a screenshot of the confirmed donation to laufbursche[ät]hikinginfinland.com with your name and the amount of lottery tickets you purchased
  • If you like, comment underneath to let others know how many tickets you have bought =)
  • You can buy lottery tickets till the 22nd of May, Midnight Finnish time
  • On the 23rd of May I will put all tickets in a hat and my son will pull out one lucky winner who gets the backpack!

If you just like to help and have already enough huckePACKs, just head over to I Love LAUFBURSCHE and donate. Every donation is appreciated and helps Mateusz on the long trail of rehabilitation and getting back outdoors. To read more about Mateusz condition head over to Outdoormädchen, Limitcamper or the various threads on Ultraleicht Trekking.

Update 23.05.2016

Wow, what a great effort! There were donations for a total of 201 lottery tickets, with some donations which didn’t want to enter, which raised a grand total of 1.295 € for Mateusz! I imagine that helps him with getting a ultralight carbon or titanium part for his prosthesis! The winner of the huckePACK has already been contacted and I hope she will enjoy hiking with the pack =)

Of course we don’t need to stop now - Mateusz is still battling with the complications of his sickness, and you can still donate to support him. Every small donation helps, so just drink one less fancy coffee and donate that sum instead =)

Disclaimer: I have no financial benefit in this campaign. Mateusz is a friend of mine and I want to help him pay his medical bills & hike again in the future.