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Announcing the Cottages Interviews 2018 Series

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Be prepared for more than a dozen of fresh cottage interviews coming this spring and summer to Hiking in Finland =)

Announcing the Cottages Interviews 2018

Almost ten years after I started the Cottage Interview Series they are back! I always really enjoyed conducting these interviews and getting to know the people behind the gear, and what drives them. It’s just - around eight years ago I slowly ran out of companies to interview 😊 But during the last years more & more new cottages came into existence, and many of them have a unique solution or design on how to make our bacpacking trips more fun - and lighter! Thus over the next several months I will be interviewing some of the newest Ultralight cottages across the globe to find out what drives them, but I also will be re-visiting some of the cottages I interviewed way back in the day and find out how they are doing in 2018!

If you are interested in what drives ultralight gear makers, what goes into designing and making an ultralight hammock, backpack, quilt or hoody - you will want to subscribe via RSS to the blog or become a Fan & Follower on Twitter and Facebook where I also will announce the new articles. Excited? Better be - the first interview will go up in two weeks!

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