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Jotaro and his Cuben Khufu

An easy reference to past interviews with cottage manufacturers and folks from the lightweight and UL scene. If you have suggestions for other interviews, please get in touch!

Aarn Tate from Aarn Designs

Gen Shimizu from YAMA Mountain Gear

George Andrews of AntiGravityGear

John Stultz from Bear Paw Tents

Fritz Handel from BushBuddy

Matthew Lagas-Rivera from Elemental Horizons

Tim Marshall from enLIGHTened equipment

Carsten Jost from Fastpacking

Donald Kevilus from Four Dog Stove

Mike St. Pierre from Hyperlight Mountain Gear

Mike St. Pierre from Hyperlight Mountain Gear - Two Years On

Kim Coupounas from GoLite

Glen Van Peski from Gossamer Gear

Grant Sible from Gossamer Gear

Ben Smith from GooseFeet

Tom Hennessy from Hennessy Hammocks

Jack Tier & Jack Myers of Jacks ‘R’ Better

Aaron Martray from Katabatic Gear

Judy Gross from LightHeart Gear

Jotaro Yoshida from LOCUS GEAR

Ron Bell of Mountain Laurel Designs

Sean Clayton of Oookworks

Scott Felter of Porcelain Rocket

Eric Parsons from Revelate Designs

Eric Hardee from Rivendell Mountain Works

Josh Leavitt of Ruta Locura

Jan Betros of Röjk

Ron Moak from Six Moons Designs

Henry Shires from Tarptent

Daniel Galhardo from Tenkara USA

Evan Howard of Terra Rosa Gear

Rod Java from TheStickPic.com

Rand Lindsly, Russ & Lee Zandbergen from Trail Designs

Henrik Raßmann from Trekking-Lite-Store.com

Chris McMaster from ULA Equipment

Mark Richardson of Ultralight Outdoor Gear

Brandon Waddy from Warbonnet Outdoors

Stuart Raike of whoopieslings.com

Joe Valesko of ZPacks