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Tulikartta - a Map of Wilderness Shelters in Finland

Open Wilderness Huts, Laavus, Kotas and Fireplaces are something I dearly love about the outdoors experience in Finland. It’s just very sophisticated to be able to plan a backpacking trip and rely on laavus and huts for sleeping, or know that there will be a fireplace in the mid point of the hike for a nice lunch break by the fire. Tulikartta.fi set out to index all public shelters - from Laavus and Kotas over Wilderness Huts to Fireplaces - in one easy to use map, which makes it an excellent tool to plan an overnighter!

Lankojärvi Hut

Mountain People: Greg Grenzke, Apparel Designer at Arc'teryx

“There is no bad weather, only bad clothes.”

That’s a popular saying here in the North, and it is easy to imagine that this saying drives Arc’teryx Designer Greg Grenzke and his team forward to design the best possible apparel for their Ascent Line. What goes into designing garments that are lightweight, functional and durable enough to survive in the mountains but are timeless in appearance you can read in this Mountain People interview.