Hiking in Finland

Climbing, bikepacking, skiing & packrafting in the north

Gimme Kraft!

Lacking Kraft to do your project or carry your UH pack? Then Gimme Kraft is the book that helps you develop the power you need to send your next problem.

The Week in Review LXXV

“The man who climbs only in good weather, starting from huts and never bivouacking, appreciates the splendor of the mountains but not their mystery, the dark of their night, the depth of their sky above… How much he has missed!” - Gaston Rébuffat


Mawaii Sun Care

I scream, you scream, sunscreen! It’s easy to forgo sunscreen when going outdoors - “I’m wearing a longsleeve and long pants!” is something I regularly hear and also have said plenty of times myself. But a sun-burned neck and shoulders have taught me better and so nowadays I always pack some mawaii SunCare when I head outdoors.

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