Hiking in Finland

Climbing, bikepacking, skiing & packrafting in the north

David Flanagan | Bouldering Essentials

Bouldering is the new running. You need a minimal amount of gear & zero experience which equals low borders of entry, but the results are a lot of fun, getting very fit, and improving your climbing skills a lot. David Flanagan’s Bouldering Essentials helps beginners & pros alike to improve technique and shares a lot of tips & tricks for this wonderful sport.

ISPO News 2014

München. That means the most expensive rents of Germany, Weisswurst, Beer, Oktoberfest, the Isar and the ISPO. Except the first & fourth point I sampled all of what Bavaria’s capital had to offer, and then some more. But the ISPO, the world’s largest (Action) Sports Fair, was the main reason for my visit to the deep south of Germany, and an interesting fair it was.

Black Diamond