Hiking in Finland

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The Week in Review

After a brief, cold, beautiful Sunday yesterday, the November misery continues. As I am swamped with work, this will be a quick and dirty edition of TWIR.

Quite some gear news this week:

LOCUS GEAR celebrates their two year year Anniversary, and has a host of specials - Check them out.

Tarptent has a new Soloshelter, the Notch.

Alpacka finally introduced a new spraydeck design which should make the packrafts a lot drier in white water.

Porcelain Rocket has a new (beautiful looking) website.

And otherwise:

Darren's Waterdragon Canyon takes the crown this week. Recommended Read.

Paradise Meadow Hike.

E4 through Catalonia.


EKP Adventures has a new URL.

A Day Hike on Torronsuo National Park.

Bowl, Behive, Goham. Ocean Path.

Ian Battrick and Timmy Turner - Land of Fire and Ice.


A Beginner’s Guide to Bushcraft and Camping - Part 1.

Don't ditch your Nalgene bottle.

Keep an eye on the Bully.

Haglöfs Ozo review.

The French Connection.

Cycling to Machu Picchu. And more Machu Picchu.

The Sauce Headwear Ventilator Headband.

Locus Gear Khufu Sil pyramid shelter and a Mountain Laurel Designs Alpin bivy.

Down and out on Gael Charn.

Red Planet.

Endura Strike Waterproof Cycling Glove Review.

Præstø to Vordingsborg; Along Sjællandsleden.

A Quick Dose: Highland Trail, Algonquin Park.

Isle of Jura: Corryvreckan Whirlpool; Breacan's Cave and Glengarrisdale Bothy.

The Berghaus Knoydart Jacket a few months on.

Holdon tent clips.


On hiking in winter.

What Gear Do I take.

Hafod Estate – A hidden gem.

Destination: Guitar Lake.

Jain Temples of Rajasthan.

Mount Guyot and Zealand Overnight Trip Report.

Hiking, A Metaphor For Life! - 13,600 foot Mt. Bard, Colorado.

Rendezvous at Kilo Hot Springs.

ZPacks sleeping bag.

The Week in Review

Hiking in Finland now has a Google+ page! If you're on G+, add it to your circles to stay up-to-date, participate in hangouts, and chat about trips, gear and outdoor adventures!

Here's a smart way to dry your Platypus and other water bottles.

Allison went back east to visit her parents.

Some superb photos from Buachaille Etive Mor.

Mark's review of his three years in the USA - The End of America - was my favourite read this week. I obviously also am very happy to soon go hiking with him in Finland!

Rick continues to do lovely hikes around Japan. His hike up Mt Yufu has some nice photos.

Brian makes a better MYOG Esbit Stove.

The Zion Narrows in autumn, lemme tell ya: Gorgeous.

Chris explains why you wanna be hanging in a hammock in the tropics. Which reminds me that I need to leave Finland in November next year.

A meeting got canceled so Chris decided to spent the day on the Cairngorm Plateau.

Into Art? New Mexico? Then check out these David Fowler paintings.

Talking about hiking & backpacking dogs, Hana from Japan is definitely my favourite. She ain't afraid of heights and her owner knows how to take a good photo. Check it out!

Fraser also knows how to take a good photo or two (or more). And he has a lovely new bike - it's orange, what's not to love about it?! He took it out on an overnighter in the Cairngorms, and even shot a timelapse. What are you doing here still - go read it!

Simon reviews the Mountain Equipment Firefox. And while Firefox is a rubbish browser (which has been updated three times already by the time you read this) this jacket is tempting Simon.

Nick ticked three Munros of his list, saw a cloud inversion, and had an all around cracking day on Ben Lawers.

On the other side of Scotland, Holly went camping. A recommended read.

Ryan and Yvonne had an Adventure in Daylight Savings.

OWDBUM had a bit of an aimless wandering around.

Fils has a living Review of the POE Peak Elite AC up on his site. Trés bien!

Linda visited the Wahkeena Trail, and it does look stunning with those great autumn colours and waterfalls.

David was in Sandwood Bay. Which is the best beach in the UK. And it is not very accessible to the masses. Result: A pristine beach landscape, portrayed in gorgeous photos. Recommended Read.

Greg took Winston for a walk. Amusingly written as always.

If England in autumn colours is more your cup of tea, then Alan has you covered as he walked the Oldham Way.

James did the Ben and the Buachaille in nine hours.

Why you should leave no trace behind in the outdoors is well illustrated in this post from David.

Martin shares his insights into reducing pack weight.

James and his Bothy vagabonds mates continue to hike through the autumn hills and moors of Scotland.

Joe is in Peru. With his Pugsley. Bikepacking Portachuelo Honda = Must Read.

Ollie shares his and Anthony's Snowdonia experiences.

Then there were some who spent Father's Day yesterday lazyily on the West Coast of Finland, Outdoors.

Tale of the Blue Kilt. Hammock folks will approve. Gear folks, too.