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The Week in Review

The Week In Review does not replace reading other blogs. You still should follow and subscribe to other blogs, as The Week In Review is my subjective look at things I found really good in the last week. With that said, I'm really curious to know how much value The Week In Review gives to you. I know some readers stop by on Monday morning, load up Instapaper with the recommended reads, and find it ace for the convenience it presents. Other bloggers like the boost in traffic it gives them. Some probably totally dislike it. Thus, with this simple poll I'm able to find out if it is worth to carry on with The Week In Review, or if it is time to give it a funeral and carry it to the blogpost graveyard.

You can leave additional questions, comments & observations about TWIR in the comments. Poll created by Poll Junkie. Simple, free, no registration. Me likely =)

And now for the totally awesome & sweet Ultralight A-Z Intro:

Sabine spent a month in Finland. In Lapland. With a packraft. Part I and Part II are the must read and see of this week.

And now for something completely different.

Jörgen is back from Canada, and shares his labor pains of getting to the Nahanni with us.

Joe goes Back to Basics.

Peter did this Tour de Pöyrisjärvi. Which is totally recommended to read, as it features really fine scenery.

Tor went hiking in Rondane.

Peter looks at the 2012 Haglöfs packs. There's something for us lightweight folks there as well, which is nice to see.

Chad likes Smart. Light. Cheap. I like what Chad likes.

Devin was secretly working on the FireFelt Alcohol Wick for the Backcountry Boiler, and he has been so stealthy about it that it is now available.

Mark's Ultralight Makeover: Redux is really awesome. Part 3 - Ditch Your Dome looks at tarps, tents and other shelters, and while it is of epic length, it is epically informative. Well worth your time, I'd say.

Joery wrote a very comprehensive How to photograph the Northern Lights article, and with that time of the year approaching you do well to read it to be prepared.

Carsten looks at the Steripen Adventurer Opti for making water fast & easy drinkable.

Gavin was in Iceland. Also known as the country where you can't take bad photos.

Liz and John made it. The summit of Katahdin, that is. Afterwalking five and half months on the AT. Congratulations!

Nibe needed a holiday. Thus he decided to go Vålådalen, like the Nordic Lightpackers did in 2010. Sweet!

The Jolly Green Giant looks for suitable underwear for hiking.

Helen made a MYOG Front Mesh Rucksack Pocket for her GoLite Jam pack.

Mark visits the outdoor gear manufacturer Cioch.

Phattire went backpacking in the Catskills. While it was raining. A lot. And still he snapped great photos.

Alastair did another Microadventure.

Antti helps out all the Finnish readers with his comprehensive Kevytretkeilykaupat article.

Chris found out that all miles are not created equal.

Maz did a very fine Classic Haute Route Pre-Departure Kit Analysis, which is usefully for those of you who plan similar alpine adventures.

Son looks at the HyperLite Mountain Gear Stuff Pack.

Dave has a good discussion going on on his The Future of Youtube article. Chip in!

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Snippet: Remote Exposure Book

Reading at the outdoor office.
"Cameras don't make pictures, photographers do."
Got this book on Tuesday and have since implemented my morning/ afternoon one hour reading sessions. It is full of useful advice on how to improve your photography skills, and it is made with us hiking, backpacking and mountaineering folks in mind. Thus if you're serious about photography, and before you invest more money into new fancy camera gear, first spend the ~ $17 for Remote Exposure: A Guide to Hiking and Climbing Photography.

In the meanwhile, I am working on an article about the Sony NEX-5 and Panasonic Lumix GF2, which hopefully is ready next week. So after you've read the book, you can read about which lightweight camera you might want to get =)

The Week in Review

Back home in the south. Brought myself a nice flu home.

Tarptent lets us have a sneakpeak at two new tarptents coming this autumn.

Andrew Sleight wrote an exquisite MYOG lightweight backpack tutorial. I'd go so far and say it is one of the best MYOG backpack articles out there.

Luc Mehl did a mighty fine trip with friends in stunning AK scenery.

Eugene took his kids out backpacking and produced a mighty fine video on how to pitch the MLD TrailStar.

Finally, a really sweet contest was launched by Dave, and I am happy to support his endeavors! Head over to read all about the 1st Bedrock & Paradox trip report contest where you can win some sweet swag.