Hiking in Finland

Climbing, bikepacking, skiing & packrafting in the north

The Week in Review

A lovely cold week it was.

Gorgeous Timelapse Video showing the beautiful Australian continent.

The Removal of Cesare Maestri's Bolt Ladders on Cerro Torre.

Unboxing-Video of the LAUFBURSCHE huckePACK 2012. Unboxing videos rule. LAUFBURSCHE rules. Both together = awesome.

Speaking of LAUFBURSCHE, the webshop is set to open its doors at the end of February. Start saving now.

Choose the right skis to glide through winter.

Kids & electronics on the trail.

Why a wood stove?

Dawn is on La Palma, and has a been pretty much every day hiking some fine trail on the island. Los Tilos Tunnels is one of them. Beautiful.

Winter on the Rim, in case you prefer a little snow with your red rocks and mountain bikes.

James spent a stunning day on Stob Coire nam Beith.

Greg hikes up Mt Buffalo.

Photographing snow.

Tradition or habit?

PCT Food Review: What I liked, Would Do Differently, and Recommend.

Amanda lets us know What it's like being an Outdoorsman's wife.

Return of the villain.

A ramble from summer into autumn in Sarek.

David's Adventures in Aviemore.

Paul visits the patron fell of Wasdale.

Jake walks solo across the Park. Barefoot.

Primus OmniLite Ti, the newest Multifuel stove on the market.

10 oz. Shelter System.

Marmot DriClime Ether Wind Shirt.

Brian presents his Emberlit-UL Esbit mod.

Building a pit house.

Sabi prepares for hiking the PCT this year.

Don’t hike your own hike.

Are Blog Reviews Worth Anything?

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Primus OmniLite Ti

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There’s a new lightweight multifuel stove on the block, and it’s name is Primus OmniFuel Ti. Ti obviously stands for Titanium, the coveted UL material which is so dear to us ultralight backpackers. With two winter tours on the programme for me, one which will be solo and over a week, I thought it might be high-time to look into those stoves which are common among Polar Explorers.

The Week in Review

Censorship. I don't like it. I've been outspoken against those who moderate comments on their blogs. And I have been outspoken against SOPA & PIPA in the USA (hopefully off the table, thanks to the massive internet-wide blackout on the 18th of January) and I am completely against ACTA. You should too if you're a savvy web citizen, so head over to Stop ACTA, watch the video below, and sign this Petition to keep the internet free.

Short days and long nights: a brief stint in the Pacific North West.

Dave has a few thoughts on outdoor forums and social networking.

The new Ulster Way in Northern Ireland has a fine website.

First Impressions of the OookStar.

The Canyon in the Great Otway National Park.

A First Year Walking - Traci's account on how she got to like the hills =)

Show Up and Blow Up: The Dixie States.

Archipelago National Park.

Abel Tasman Walkway.

If you see HIF "censored" - click on the small Censored text in the top right corner to disable it or simply reload the page.

Exposed Scrambling: Grading on a Curve.

Some fine night time photography.

More night time photography by Nick: The Icy Skies at Night.

Phil Turner on the BBC.

Ben Vorlich and Stuc a'Chroin.

Covenanters Admirals and Deer.

Wetherlam & The Old Man Of Coniston.

Wainwright on Maps.

Go back this cool project!

Jill's favourite winter gear.

Some good videos.

Achenbach/ Soledad Canyon Loop.

Tarptent Contrail.

Seeblspitze, 2331 m.

[Fly] Tying Journal & a give-away.

Making a Pot Holder.

Yakutat to Glacier Bay: Lost Coast South.

Soldier Pass and Brin’s Mesa Trails- Sedona, Arizona.

Oregon & Washington biking trip.

Mount Monadnock: Winter Ascent via the Spellman Trail.

GooseFeet Parka.

Micro compass.

Ultralight & ultra-cheap gas stove.

Why UL Gear is more fun.

A twenty year old Jörgen facepalms in the snow, South of Katterjaure.

White-water packrafting, a how-to.

Skiing and Packafting.

Seakayaking in winter.

Fatbiking in Finnish Winter.

Hawaii hiking at night.


Geology in Action.

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