Hiking in Finland

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Active Holidays in Åre

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If you want to spend an active week of holidays in Scandinavia, Åre is the place to go: Kayaking, trailrunning, hiking, kite surfing and downhill biking are just some of the activities you can do in this wonderful little village in Western Sweden. In the autumn the village is especially pretty, as the hills with their bilberry shrubs turn red and the birches add their golden leafs for that wonderful relaxing autumn feel!

Jesper's favourite view of Åre

Bad Sleep? Sleep Outdoors!

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Poor sleep is something many of us, including me, have problems with. As the stress & problems of daily life mount up, we watch till late at night on our iPhones things which have zero relevance, and we generally stay up too late - because finally the kids are in bed and we want that me-time. The bill for this comes the next morning when the alarm rings early and you have a hard time to get out of the bed and start your day. If you suffer regularly from a bad sleep at home, it’s time to detox and put your bed up outdoors.


Impressions From Åre & Vålådalen

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Ask a Swede about Åre and they will know: This is the place to be in the summer for Downhill biking, hiking, kayaking and many more outdoor activities, while in the winter this small village with it’s cozy Cafés, outdoor shops and restaurants becomes a bit bigger as people come to ski on Åreskutan and the surrounding mountains. I spent the last week in Åre and Vålådalen enjoying the Swedish nature & hospitality - here is what you can expect!