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News: Titanium Goat Tenkara Rod

Titanium Goat brought out, in cooperation with Tenkara USA (the guys behind the tenkara rods) a rod/pole adapter for the TiGoat trekking pole. Let me quote their description from here:

"The TiGoat -Tenkara USA rod/pole adapter, turns your TiGoat AGP upper trekking pole section into a full blown, 10.5' 7:3 Tenkara fly rod. The pole adapter takes down to 19" long, and only weighs 1.5oz. The rod blanks are provided by tenkarausa.com, where you can find some great information, instructional videos, and other accessories. The rod comes with line, and a rod sleeve to pack your Tenkara rod in. It doesn't get any lighter than this. The prototype rod in the photos landed over 500 fish on a precious few summer trips in the summer
of 2009."

Priced at 95$ its way cheaper than the BPL Hane or Tenkara USA's own rods, so it should be an interesting option for all those who'd like to try this out cheaply. While not having tried it out myself, I like the idea and what I find excellent, and much better than the BPL rod is imo that this item is multipurpose, thus more in the spirit of UL.

Because I do not use trekking poles it's less interesting for me, and I will be getting a normal Tenkara rod (IWANA or AYU, in case you're wondering). I love the idea of it, and its going to be a fixed item in my pack lists from spring till summer, less to catch dinner but more to relax and pass time. I'm just waiting for May to come, when Spring is finally arriving in Finland and I can go out fishing again.