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Capture the Colour

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Well, I got hit. Or tagged, as ya say in English. outdoor-logs.de threw me a Blogstöckchen, said “Hurry up” and then went trailrunning, leaving me sitting with that ticking bomb on my lap. Well, I better hurry up, right?

time bomb

So, what’s this all about? Capture the colour is a competition in which you need to show off your own photos which fit to the five colours white, yellow, blue, green and red. I guess it’s just fortunate that I have a massive collection to choose from, otherwise I’d reaaaaallllly be in a hurry. So, here we go.


Mountain Laurel Designs TrailStar

This one was easy. It’s double yellow - a yellow TrailStar, pitched amongst autumn yellow birch trees. The fog gives it a magical feeling, and the slight unsharpness of the background gives it that mystical morning feel.



I probably spent five minutes getting the right angle on this plant, which was in the middle of a vast open mire. Balancing on a duck board, my client already far ahead, I tried again and again for the right angle, sharpness, and reflexion. The result is above, and I’m pretty satisfied with it.


Up there?

Green, that’s the colour of grass for me. And a green alpine pasture - up on the top we met sheep - like this one was just what came to my mind when I think about green.



A photo I shot last March up in Lapland while I was ice climbing. On the way back to camp I saw this beautiful snow structure atop a rock, and the contrast was just too good to pass up. I love the detail of the snow crystals in the middle, and the soft look of the snow on the right.


You can't climb mountains in trailrunners

Blue skies. On the UL Summit last year we had plenty of them, and they were best from the summit of a high mountain. They get even better if you can share the views with a good friend. I’m looking forward to more blue skies, even if it is right now grey-sky-season.

Who’s next?

The funny thing about these time bombs, äh, I mean Blogstöckchen, is, that I now get to throw it onwards. So, here it goes: