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Jacks R Better

Dear Santa,

With all that down for feet, hands, head and torso, you realize what’s missing is something downy to lay under during the night. The two Jacks from Jacks ‘R’ Better make some top-notch quilts since 2004. Their Sierra Stealth is a versatile quilt: It has a hydrophobic down treatment that keeps the down drier, it can be worn as a serape at camp, and yes, also as a quilt it performs superb. The tapered design - wider at the shoulders - narrower at the feet makes for a body-hugging fit which keeps one warm at night. It’s perfect as a summer quilt, but with some down clothing should be good also in spring and autumn. And as it packs to the size of a small melon I’m sure it will fit into my lightly packed backpack!

Sincerely yours,

An aspiring lightpacker

Sierra Stealth

JRB quilt giveaway

Read The Rules. The winner gets to choose from a Long or Regular Sierra Stealth quilt.

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