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Dear Santa,

even with this rainy weather something warm is needed when outdoors. I don’t know about you - you might just do a magic trick and have a hot cup of cacao in your hand - but when I mere mortal think about a warm drink away from home, just one name comes to my mind: Thermos. Since over 100 years they make flasks to keep beverages warm or cold, and once the winter really arrives, with snow and -23°C temperatures, a Stainless King and Midnight Red bottle would be great to have for long and short trips respectively. The King is a 1,2 l flask which will hold its content steaming hot for 24 hours, while the Midnight Red is a great half litre flask for day hikes, commutes and at the office (the coffee machine is so far away!). They are red, so I’m sure you will like them, too!

Sincerely yours,

An aspiring lightpacker


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