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Advent Calendar Door 13


Dear Santa,

Eifel Outdoor Equipment is a small business from close by the Eifel, a low mountain range in western Germany and eastern Belgium. They offer light stoves and pots, and their Lithium stove is probably one of the lightest stoves on the planet - just 44 g heavy! - and thus high on an Ultralighter’s wishlist like mine. What’s even cooler about the stove is the tiny pack-size - folded together it’s the size of my thumb! No wonder I need to check multiple times if I packed it when I head out and it boils a litre of water in just four minutes. I promise to offer you a fast cup of tea if you bring me this stove on Christmas, OK Santa?

Sincerely yours,

The Ultralighter


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Disclaimer: Read The Tips & Rules. You can win one EOE Lithium gas stove.

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