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One Stop Shop: Garage Grown Gear

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Our final One Stop Shop takes us to the USA 🇺🇸 and we check out the offerings of Garage Grown Gear!

One Stop Shop IV

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Garage Grown Gear was founded in 2014 and since then has helped cottage manufacturers to grow and building a community of like-minded people. They do so by literally being a One Stop Shop for us, as we can buy anything from a cool Fanny Bag to trailrunning shoes and skiing gloves to heaps and heaps of cool ultralight gear from up-and-coming makers. The GGG Team is very passionate about cottage gear and helping small businesses grow and develop innovative & unique kit, so that’s exactly what we are finding in their One Stop Shop list:

Item Name Weight Price
Backpack Hyperlite Mountain Gear 2400 Windrider 851 g $ 310,00
Sleeping bag Enlightened Equipment Revelation 850DT 30° 438 g $ 270,00
Mattress KlymitStatic V2 Sleeping Pad 471 g $ 65,00
Shelter Six Moon Designs Lunar Solo 740 g $ 200,00
Stove Vargo Hexagon Wood Stove 116 g $ 60,00
Pot Vargo Titanium Ti-Lite 900 Mug 130 g $ 65,00
Cutlery Morsel Spork Mini 17 g $ 12,95
Knife Derma-Safe Folding Knife 8 g $ 2,25
Cup Vargo Titanium 450 Travel Mug 63 g $ 30,00
Waterfilter HydroBlu Versa Flow Lightweight Water Filter 57 g $ 20,00
T-Shirt Voormi Short Sleeve Merino Tech Tee 131 g $ 70,00
Longsleeve Give’r Silkweight All Sport Performance 150 g $ 50,00
Trekking pants Hellroaring Pant by Roscoe Outdoor 283 g $ 72,00
Fleece Bight Gear Fissure Tech Fleece 300 g $ 149,00
Insulation Himali Altocumulus Down Jacket 340 g $ 280,00
Wind jacket Enlightened Equipment Copperfield Wind Shirt 61 g $ 110,00
Rain pants Enlightened Equipment Rain Wrap 50 g $ 40,00
Rain jacket High Tail Designs Emergency Rain Shell 117 g $ 250,00
Shoes Black Ops Minimalist Running Shoes 269 g $ 150,00
Lamp BioLite 330 Lumen Rechargeable LED Headlamp 69 g $ 50,00
Trekking Poles Gossamer Gear LT5 Poles 300 g $ 195,00
Navigation Suunto A30 Compass 32 g $ 29,00

Total Weight: 4.993 g
Total Price: $ 2.480,20 (or 2.199,41 € in today’s exchange rate)
Price per g: 0,49 $ (or 0,43 € in today’s exchange rate)

The weights for the Give’r Silkweight All Sport Performance Longsleeve and Bight Gear Fissure Tech Fleece Jacket are guesstimates, as precise weights are not available for them.

Garage Grown Gear Pie Chart

My thoughts on the list:

  • This is the cheapest Price per g list yet, with an amazing price of 0,43 € per gram of kit!

  • It is a really good list with many items which we already have seen more often in this year’s series, like the Hyperlite Mountain Gear pack and the SMD shelter

  • The Big 3 in this list bring together 2.500 g on the scales, with the kitchen adding 391 g and the accessories 401 g to the Baseweight of 3.292 g

  • The Big 3 are solid choices, with a really good Enlightened Equipment quilt, a comfy and affordable sleeping mat, and a tent which should work well from early spring thill late autumn

  • I really like the inclusion of a woodstove in the kitchen setup, the Hexagon folds flat and allows you to pick up your fuel at your camping spot instead of carrying it with you

  • The apparel is a light 1.701 g and it’s pretty cool to see so many new items like the Enlightened Equipment skirt and Wind Shirt, and the down jacket looks really toasty

  • Once more a fantastic list which is ultralight and what I like best, it has gear from over a dozen cottage manufacturers!

Keep in mind that these lists are suggestions! If you are already hiking & backpacking you do not need to buy everything in one go but can replace gear slowly, and this lists merely should show you that you can purchase a complete Ultralight Backpacking Setup from one store. Read Carsten’s take on this list in German at Fastpacking.de.

Chilling at Sunset

Disclosure: The One Stop Shop Series was Carsten’s idea back in the day. The 2019 Series we have created together and you can read his take on the different lists in German on his blog, and you can read my take over here in English. Furthermore, we have been remunerated for our time by the individual shops.

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