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Woom OFF AIR Review

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After many years of riding very happily on his woom Bikes it was once again to size up to the next one - but this time we decided to for the woom OFF AIR as it will allow us to go explore the local Mountain Bike trails! It of course also works great for riding to school and to the beach, as we have seen during the past three months, but it really shines on trails!

woom OFF AIR 6 in its natural habitat

Switching Tires: Never Again Thanks to reTyre

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I truly dislike switching tires on our bikes. Switching the tires on four bikes every autumn and spring is for me one of the most tedious jobs I have to do, and I try to pro-long this task until it’s no longer possible. All that changed with reTyre, though: Now switching tires is as easy as zipping up the fly of a tent!