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Advent Calendar Door 2

GoseFeet Gear

Dear Santa,

It’s the 2nd of December and I can not make up my mind - maybe you can help me? I’m unsure what’s more important: Warm feet or a warm head. I reckon if I’d have a fluffy beard like you, Santa, the choice would be for the GooseFeet Gear Down Socks as the beard helps to keep you warm. But then I don’t have such a warm beard, and hence I’m thinking a Down Balaclava might make more sense for me - after all, the thinking is done in the head, and a warm head thinks better. So the question is: A warm head or warm feet, what do you think is better?

Sincerely yours,

An aspiring lightpacker

GooseFeet Gear Booties GooseFeet Gear Down Balaclava

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