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One Stop Shop: Bergfreunde

The Bergfreunde are a pure online shop and are well known for the great service, low prices and large assortment - also over the borders of Germany. But can they do ultralight?

If you need to freshen up what this is all about, read the Introduction!

The Bergfreunde are a fine online shop and I do regularly buy from them - their prices are very competitive, shipping is just 10€ across Europe and it’s fast, too - less than a week from ordering till it’s on my door step. Carsten send them an inquiry if they’d like to take part in the One Stop Shop, and it didn’t take long for him to get a positive reply. Funnily enough Dennis, who writes the Outdoor Blog and is also a friend of mine (and an ultralight hiker!) was tasked with creating our list. So, lets see what he came up with, shall we?!

Item Name Weight Price
Backpack Exped Lightning 45 1100 g 179,95 €
Sleeping bag Mountain Hardwear Mtn Speed 32 446 g 449,95 €
Mattress Vaude Camping Mat Light 110 g 29,95 €  
Shelter Vaude Lizard Gul 1P 690 g  599,95 €
Pot Evernew Ti Non-Stick Pot 900 ml 140 g 76,45 €
 Stove Esbit Ti Stove 12 g 11,95 €
Cutlery Light My Fire Spork 9 g  1,95 €
Knife Baladeo 34 g Knife 34 g 24,45 €
Lamp Black Diamond Ion 23 g 16,95 €
Trekking Poles Black Diamond Ultra Distance 290 g 128,95 €
Shoes Inov-8 Roclite 295 590 g 119,95
Fleece Dynafit Gallium PL Fleece pullover 225 g 89,95 €
Insulation Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer Down Jacket 205 g  249,95 €
Rain pants Marmot Essence Pant 162 g 119,95 €
Rain jacket Haglöfs L.I.M Proof Jacket 230 g 169,95 €
Boxers Icebreaker Anatomica Briefs 50 g 29,95 €
T-Shirt Icebreaker Anatomica SS Crewe T-Shirt 143 g 59,95 €
Longsleeve Icebreaker Oasis LS Crewe longsleeve 198 g  79,95 €

Total Weight: 4.657 g
Total Price: 2.440,10 €

My thoughts on the list:

  • Solid choices for backpack and sleeping bag
  • The mattress is good and light but might not be comfy enough for some
  • I’m riddled why the Vaude tent was chosen. All Vaude UL tents that I have seen pitched were so such a sad view that I wouldn’t want one for free. And with the Bergfreunde having Tarps like the MSR TWing it’s a shame no tarp got selected
  • Sweet to see another Esbit stove and pot combo, a nice and light choice though a windscreen would be needed
  • Great shoes!
  • Very good choices for the garments, with great weight-to-price-to-quality ratios
  • Overall a very good list apart from the tent (which is my personal dislike =)

Read the German version and comments.

The standing thus far:

 Trekking-Lite-Store.com 6.157 g 2.288,80 € 0,47 € per gram
CampSaver.com 5.316 g  1.993,80 € 0,52 € per gram
Globetrotter 8.995 g  3.272,20 € 0,36 € per gram
Partioaitta  7.354 g 2448,15 €  0,33 € per gram
Bergfreunde  4.657 g 2.440,10 € 0,52 € per gram
AVERAGE  6.499 g 2.488,61 € 0,44 € per gram

Coming next week are Walkonthewildside.de, Backpackinglight Denmark and Racelite.de.

Disclaimer: The One Stop Shop Series was Carsten’s idea and he gave me permission to translate his posts to English and contact a few more shops around the world. If you can read German, you can head over to his blog and read already the first posts with the gear lists from Walkonthewildside.de and Racelite.de.

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