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The Goal

Hiking in Finland will be six years old this year and it has been going from strength to strength. It is the most-read outdoor blog in Scandinavia and loved for its trip reports, detailed gear reviews, interesting interviews and the classic TWIR which brings you the best finds from the digital outdoors.

But standing still and resting on my laurels is something I have never been good at. I switched to a new platform almost three years ago, have created new content ideas, have been working on my writing and photography, looking over the borders for inspiration so that I can continue to entertain you with interesting and varied outdoor content from the north and elsewhere. Best of all, Hiking in Finland is probably the only outdoor blog that’s also a proud One Percent for the Planet member since 2012 and helps protect the outdoors we enjoy so much.

To further enhance the experience of Hiking in Finland for you, I’d love to know what topics, categories and posts you are most interested in. Tell me via the underneath questionnaire if I’m still on the right trail, where my navigation is off, and what else you’d like to see. Your time and effort shall not go unrewarded, either.

The Prizes

Of course I am very thankful that you complete my questionnaire, and that’s why you have the chance to win a few nice prizes for your time and effort. If you’d like to be entered into the raffle you just need to enter a valid email address at the end of the questionnaire before you push Submit and you’ll be entered into the raffle to win one of these prizes:

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The Questionnaire

You can access the Questionnaire here if you read Hiking in Finland via a RSS Reader or just answer the questions via the underneath embedded form. It is built with Typeform which lets you use your Keyboard and/ or Trackpad to answer and also works great on tablets and phones. The survey is open till midnight 1st of February so you got almost a week to answer.

Thanks for answering the survey. It closed now and winners will be contacted via Email shortly.

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