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One Stop Shop: Conclusion

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Who had the most affordable One Stop Shop List, and who had the lightest one? Which items did we see most often? Lets find out in the conclusion of One Stop Shop 2019!

One Stop Shop 2019

Disclosure: This article has been supported by no one, but I have good relationships with the Shops and Brands which are mentioned. But as you know: I’m keepin’ it real and tell you how it is - I maintain full editorial control of the content published on Hiking in Finland. Read the Transparency Disclaimer for more information on affiliate links & blogger transparency.

We had 7 Shops participating in our One Stop Shop Series this year, and I created an eight Multi-Stop-Shop List for the kicks of it. Before I delve in more, here’s the lists with prices and weights side by side:

Alpinetrek  6.002 g 2.822,26 € 0,46 € per gram
Backpackinglight.se  5.866 g 3.531,00 € 0,60 € per gram
Ultralight Outdoor Gear  4.011 g 2.265,44 € 0,56 € per gram
Walk On The Wild Side  4.035 g  2.424,00 € 0,60 g per gram
 Trekking-Lite-Store.com 4.212 g 2.084,09 € 0,49 € per gram
Outdoorline  4.741 g  2491,70 €  0,53 € per gram
Garage Grown Gear 4.993 g  2.199,41 € 0,43 € per gram
Multi-Stop-Shop  5.089 g 3042,00 € 0,60 € per gram
AVERAGE 2019  4.868 g 2.607,49 € 0,54 € per gram
AVERAGE 2014 5.667 g 2.349,39 €  0,45 € per gram

What is interesting to see is that in comparison to 2014 that the lists got a lot lighter. Where in 2014 the average list was 5.667 g heavy nowadays the average is almost 900 g lighter, at 4.868 g. However, the price per gram went up and also the average price per list went up by around 250€ - which, if we want to account for Inflation and such, probably is not as bad as it might sound.

With the exceptions of Alpinetrek andWalk On The Wild Side which are more Allround Outdoor Shops (though as we can see, who both have everything an aspiring UL Backpacker needs) we also have five shops which are selling exclusively Ultralight Outdoor Gear and are able to show us that they are Experts in their field. Ultralight Outdoor Gear has the lightest list this time around, being very close to the 4 kg mark, while Trekking-Lite-Store.com has the most affordable list at 2.085,00 €.

Chilling at Sunset

I found it very interesting to see how the weights in some categories went quite a lot down in the past five years, especially the rainwear. Where in 2014 a 350-ish gram rain jacket was ultralight, we now can get fully waterproof rainjackets and pants which are under 100 g! For a pair of garments which in the ideal case are 95% of the time in our backpack that is ideal and allows us to drop some 500 g of weight from our packs!

A difference to 2014 is also that we see nowadays a lot more European Cottage Brands in these lists, from Liteway, As Tucas and GramXpert to Cumulus, which means that the ultralight segment in Europe is still growing and allows these brands to succeed in the market with high-quality gear which lasts for many years. I am very happy about that, as it means more people can follow their passion and break out of the 9-to-5 grind and working to make others rich.

And with that our One Stop Shop Series of 2019 comes to an end! Thank you for following along, I hope you found the lists interesting and found out about some interesting items here and there - I for one can’t wait to pick up a rain pants and jacket which tip the scales at sub-200 g! Please let me know on Twitter or Facebook which was your favourite list, what you would have done better, and any other comment you might have!

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