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Advent Calendar Packrafting Store

Dear Santa Claus,

even with winter here my thoughts go back to wide lakes, flowing rivers, and how beautiful it would be to paddle on them, instead of just hiking past their shores. Yes, packrafting has been a lot on my mind this past year. And it just so happens that we have in Europe one of the best Stores a paddler and Santa could wish for: Packrafting Store is run by two packrafters, and in their shop you find everything from clothing for paddlers over safety gear to, you guessed it, packrafts.

I don’t want to go overboard with my wishes, so I decided for the start of my packrafting career a Supai Flatwater Canyon II from Supai Adventure Gear should do the trick. It’s a mere 633 g and should fit without problems in my backpack and your present bag. It is quickly deployed when I’d like to float down a stream or cross a lake, and just as quickly packs away again. And because it’s so tiny, you can leave it in my boot this morning, together with the walnuts and tangerines.

Sincerely yours,

An aspiring lightpacking packrafter

Supai Flatwater Canyon II

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