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One Stop Shop: Walkonthewildside.eu

An online shop that’s establishing a shop front in the former capital of Germany, Walk On The Wild Side serves your travel and trekking outdoor gear needs. If they can do ultralight, we’ll see in today’s OSS.

If you need to freshen up what this is all about, read the Introduction!

Walk On The Wild Side are an online shop who operate in Bonn, where they’re also slowly establishing a store front. As there’s no regular opening times yet, you can just call in to arrange a visit, in which case you get personal, private service and the possibility to check the gear before you buy. But lets see what they came up with for our OSS ultralight list:

Item Name Weight Price
Backpack Lightwave Ultrahike 60  1180 g 188,90 €
Sleeping bag Lightwave Firelight 350  658 g 498,00 €
Mattress Exped SynMat UL 7 465 g 119,90 €
Shelter Exped Vela 1 UL  1390 g 369,90 €
Pot Evernew Ti UL Pasta Pot M 1000 138 g 69,90 €
 Stove Evernew Ti Alcohol Stove DX Set  90 g 104,90 €
Cutlery Nordisk Ti Spoon XL 17 g 10,90 €
Knife Swiss Advance Feather Light  12 g 7,90 €
Lamp Mammut S-Flex LED  48 g 27,90 €
Trekking Poles Helinox Passport TL 125 348 g 119,90 €
Shoes Salomon Speedcross 3  614 g  119,95 €
Fleece Montane Chukchi Shirt 238 g 79,90 €
Insulation Montane Fireball Smock 240 g 159,95 €
Rain pants Montane Minimus Pants 125 g 139,90 €
Rain jacket Montane Minimus Jacket  220 g 184,90 €
Boxers Fuse Megalight 140 Boxer 35 g 17,90 €
T-Shirt Fuse Megalight 200 T-Shirt 92 g 43,90 €
Longsleeve Woolpower Lite Crewneck 224 g 84,90 €

Total Weight: 6.143 g
Total Price: 2.349,45 €

My thoughts on the list:

  • Great choices for backpack and sleeping bag
  • I have made bad experiences with the Exped SynMat UL 7 so am unsure about it
  • The tent, well, it’s a shame they suggested a tent instead of a tarp which they also have
  • Great pot and stove, though maybe something like the Trangia Mini Set could have been a good suggestion, too
  • Great shoe and garment choices
  • A lightweight and affordable list that gives beginners great, reliable kit

Read the German version and comments, where also a water filter has been included (bringing the weight and price a bit further up). General a few items are missing from these lists - there’s no hiking pants or wind jackets in there because likely one can first make use of what one has - go backpacking in a lightweight synthetic pants and use the hardshell if it gets too windy. This keeps the lists simple enough, and we (Carsten and me) feel that if someone goes shopping at one of these shops you’ll get additional items you think you’ll need =) Anyway.

The standing thus far:

 Trekking-Lite-Store.com 6.157 g 2.288,80 € 0,47 € per gram
CampSaver.com 5.316 g  1.993,80 € 0,52 € per gram
Globetrotter 8.995 g  3.272,20 € 0,36 € per gram
Partioaitta  7.354 g 2448,15 € 0,33 € per gram
Bergfreunde  4.657 g 2.440,10 € 0,52 € per gram
Walkonthewildside.eu  6.143 g  2.349,45 € 0,38 g per gram
AVERAGE  6.437 g 2.465,42 € 0,43 € per gram

Coming next week are Backpackinglight Denmark and Racelite.de.

Disclaimer: The One Stop Shop Series was Carsten’s idea and he gave me permission to translate his posts to English and contact a few more shops around the world. If you can read German, you can head over to his blog and read the next posts with the gear lists from Racelite.de.

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