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One Stop Shop: Backpackinglight.dk

Backpackinglight.dk is another European ultralight shop which specializies in offering lightweight gear from across the world in one stop. As the name implies, they’re into ultralight backpacking - so can they take the lead in the OSS?

If you need to freshen up what this is all about, read the Introduction!

Backpackinglight.dk exists since several years and like the trekking-lite-store.com offers European customers easy access to US cottages brands like Hyperlite Mountain Gear and ULA Equipment, besides some great European gear. However, they don’t have garments so again some items were included that come from other stores, in that case they’re marked with a *.

Item Name Weight in gram Price
Backpack HMG Porter 4400 pack  1065 g  2.595,00 DKK
Sleeping bag Cumulus Quilt 450  685 g 1.795,00 DKK
Mattress Exped SynMat UL 7 M 460 g 895,00 DKK
Shelter HMG Ultamid 2 499 g  5.295,00 DKK
Pot Evernew 600 ml 95 g  395,00 DKK
 Stove Caldera Sidewinder Ti Tri + Inferno/Floor 112 g 995,00 DKK
Cutlery* Sea to Summit Alpha Light Cutlery Long Spoon 12 g  7,95 €
Knife* Victorinox Classic 22 g 13,25 €
Lamp* Petzle+ Lite 27 g 29,95 €
Trekking Poles* Pacerpoles Carbon 508 g  104,00 €
Shoes* Inov8 Roclite 295 590 g 119,95 €
Fleece* Patagonia R1 Fleece Pullover 333 g 120,00 €
Insulation* Cumulus Climalite Pullover 280 g 119,00 €
Rain pants ÜLA Rain Wrap 91 g 225,00 DKK
Rain jacket* Berghaus Mount Asgard Half Zip Smock 289 g  330,00 €
Boxers* Aclima Lightwool Boxers 69 g 199,00 DKK
T-Shirt* MISSING    
Longsleeve* Aclima Lightwool Hoodie 190 g 80,00 €

Total Weight: 5.327 g
Total Price: 2.584,35 €

My thoughts on the list:

  • Great choices for quilt, shelter and pack
  • Again a Exped SynMat UL 7, i probably would go for another one
  • Sweet stove & pot setup that’s very versatile
  • Great choices for garments
  • Overall a true UL list (although two items are missing) that’s under 5 kg,

The standing thus far:

 Trekking-Lite-Store.com 6.157 g 2.288,80 € 0,47 € per gram
CampSaver.com 5.316 g  1.993,80 € 0,52 € per gram
Globetrotter 8.995 g  3.272,20 € 0,36 € per gram
Partioaitta  7.354 g 2448,15 € 0,33 € per gram
Bergfreunde  4.657 g 2.440,10 € 0,52 € per gram
Walkonthewildside.eu  6.143 g  2.349,45 € 0,38 g per gram
Backpackinglight.dk  4.994 g 2.464,35 € 0,49 € per gram
AVERAGE  6.230 g 2.465,26 € 0,44 € per gram

As you see, those UL lists bring the averages for the weight down, but put the average for money spent a bit up! Interesting to see how things will develop next week, when Racelite.de and Ultralight Outdoor Gear will show off their lists!

Disclaimer: The One Stop Shop Series was Carsten’s idea and he gave me permission to translate his posts to English and contact a few more shops around the world. If you can read German, you can head over to his blog and read the next posts with the gear lists from Racelite.de.

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