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One Stop Shop: Moonlight Gear

I appreciate good design, typography and photography. That’s why Moonlight Gear from Japan is for me the most stylish online gear shop. But is good design enough to create a cutting edge UL list?

If you need to freshen up what this is all about, read the Introduction!

Moonlight Gear is a four year old webshop from Japan. As they came out in June 2010 I immediately loved the look of their website and the spotlights they did on some of their products - little Mini-Reviews that high-lighted kit of note. Also the personal notes under each piece of gear in the shop show that the owners use the gear themselves. Their range is wide and they carry many ultralight brands, and support Japanese gear makers and selling their gear. Also, instead of offering every single piece of gear ever made they hand-pick equipment they know will be great, making the life of customers easier. All ingredients which help to distill this OSS List:

Item Name Weight in gram Price in €
Backpack Laufbursche Packsack MLG Edition  182 21.000 円
Sleeping bag OMM Mountain Raid  385  26.500 円
Mattress Klymit Inertia Ozone  346 12.900 円
Shelter Terra Nova Ultra Bivi 60 38.000 円
Pot See Stove    
Stove Batchstovez FOSTERS ULTRALIGHT COOK KIT 176 6.000 円
Cutlery Wildo Spork 12 525 円
Knife Adventure Medical Kits SOL Core Lite  39 3.500 円
Lamp* Petzl Tikka XP 85 54,95 €
Trekking Poles* C.A.M.P. Xenon 4 Trekking Pole 280  69.95 $
Shoes Luna Sandals Venado Goat 194 9.800 円
Fleece Westcomb Highlander Hoody  206 24.500 円
Insulation OMM Rotor Smock 220  22.000 円
Rain pants and wander Fry skirt 73 13.000 円
Rain jacket OMM Aether Smock 180 36.000 円
Boxers* Houdini Airborn Boxers 64  44,95 €
T-Shirt 363equipment THE WITCHES MOUNTAIN  128  5.000 円
Longsleeve ibex OD Henley LS  180  14.000 円

Total Weight: 2.630 g
Total Price: 242.445 円 or 1.735,36 €

My thoughts on the list:

  • I’m stunned by the price. If you’re writing prices with five digits it quickly feels like this will be expensive. The surprise came as I threw it into a currency converter which told me: Yep. This is the cheapest list.
  • Did I mention that this is the lightest list yet? It’s closer to SUL!
  • Nice backpack!
  • The sleeping bag might be a tad cold for 3-season use, though you could use the insulation top to pimp it
  • Nice to see a bivy as a shelter choice (also adds some warmth to the sleep system)
  • Solid choices for knife, cutlery, stove and headlamp
  • Great choice for footwear, might need some Tabi socks in Spring & autumn, though
  • Solid and also very stylish garment choices
  • Overall a fine almost-SUL list

The other OSS lists thus far:

 Trekking-Lite-Store.com 6.157 g 2.288,80 € 0,47 € per gram
CampSaver.com 5.316 g  1.993,80 € 0,52 € per gram
Globetrotter 8.995 g  3.272,20 € 0,36 € per gram
Partioaitta  7.354 g 2448,15 € 0,33 € per gram
Bergfreunde  4.657 g 2.440,10 € 0,52 € per gram
Walkonthewildside.eu  6.143 g  2.349,45 € 0,38 g per gram
Backpackinglight.dk  4.994 g 2.464,35 € 0,49 € per gram
Racelite.de 5.884 g  2.145,05 € 0,36 € per gram
Ultralight Outdoor Gear  4.549 g 2.796,69 € 0,61 € per gram
Bergzeit  5.559 g 2.430,00 € 0,44 € per gram
Outdoorline.sk  5.392 g  2.056,70 €  0,38 € per gram
Aventure Nordique  6.044 g  2.121,40 €  0,35 € per gram
Moonlight Gear  2.630 g 1.735,36 € 0,66 € per gram
AVERAGE  5.667 g 2.349,39 € 0,45 € per gram

Disclaimer: The One Stop Shop Series was Carsten’s idea and he gave me permission to translate his posts to English and contact a few more shops around the world. If you can read German, you can head over to his blog and read the posts in German.

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